Renovations & Liner Repalcement

Fiberglass Resurfacing

Come on in and check out the latest in pool resurfacing. With a 25 year warranty we can provide you with professional fiberglass resurfacing. Unlike S.I. Pool Care, most other companies will only provide you with a 1 year warranty with their plaster resurfacing. Fiberglass has many advantages other than the warranty. Compared to plaster, fiberglass is a non-porous surface which helps prevent algae. This unique process is much stronger than conventional surfaces, and  it won’t crack like concrete, wrinkle and tear like liners, or rust and leak like steal walls.

Liner Replacement

Every vinyl pool is different, so we take the time to custom measure your pool. Then we give these measurements to our liner manufacturer, who custom makes the liner for your pool.

Concrete Deck & Coping

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