Non-Chlorinating Shock

Also know as MPS (Potassium Monopersulfate) Chlorine-free shock is a white, granular material that is used in pools and hot tubs to oxidize and eliminate organic contamination without an increase of chlorine. MPS is able to effectively oxidize and remove irritating chloramines. A primary benefit of MPS is the ability to accomplish effective oxidation of contaminants without heavy amounts of chlorine.


The most basic pool sanitizer. It comes in liquid, tablet and powder form.

pH Increaser/Decreaser

This powdered substance helps maintain your pool pH levels. Your ideal pH level should be between 7.2 – 7.8 to maintain perfect pool chemistry. Keeping your pH level in this range will prevent skin irritation and help keep your other chemicals lasting longer.

Alkalinity Increaser

Alkalinity test will show the quantity of alkaline material in the water. Some alkaline material is actually needed in the water to achieve the ideal pH range.


Putting stabilizers in your pool helps prevent your chlorine from being rapidly burned up by the sun and will save you time and money.


Revive is a pool flock that will take your pool from cloudy to clear in 24 hours.

Calcium Hardness Increaser

If the calcium hardness is too low, the water becomes corrosive and results in the etching of the pool’s surfaces. Your pool equipment, pipe fittings and pump connections could potentially corrode. As a result, the pool’s walls and floor can stain.


Algaecides prevent algae from growing. Algae will destroy the beauty of your pool by causing cloudy, discolored water.

Phosphate Removers

Phosphates are the food for algae.  There are many ways to get phosphates in your water and one way to get them out; by using a phosphate remover.  With little to no phosphates algae cannot grow.  Products we carry for phosphates include Pool Perfect+Phosfree, Pool Magic+Phosfree, Commercial Strength Phosfree, and Phosphate Remover.

Stain & Metal Removers

If metals get into your water staining may start occurring in your pool.  Green hair is also a side of effect of the presence of metals in your water.  To get rid of the staining you must get a stain remover such as Stain Free or Stain Prevention and Remover.  After you remove the stain you must bind up the metals so staining does not continue, we carry Metal Free and Metal Klear to take care of this.